A shady topic – Burglars and thieves


burglary and theft

There have been multiple sightings of potential burglars in my garden, i’m sure anyone reading will have had a similar experience at some point or may even have felt the effects of being burgled. Having previously worked in a public services field where I came into contact with many who had committed burglaries, it is known that burglars will generally do their homework before targeting a property, looking at potential points of entry, how many cars there are in the driveway and for hints of when the property owners will be out. Burglars will be aware of security deterrents such as a reputable security alarm or security windows. 

The key point though is that Burglars generally want to be in and out of a property as fast as possible…which if your home/business security measures are good, will mean that the burglar will have no choice but to cause a lot of noise in the process, hence alerting neighbours etc – this is generally game over for the burglar. Not only will the noise caused be an issue, but good security measures are going to take time to get through if at all – Burglars hate hanging around. 

I remember on one occasion, back when I was perfecting my lock picking technique, I was picking a lock on my front door out of pure curiosity and a passer by actually heard the noise of the picking and asked me if everything was alright. I responded in a manner which let the person know that the door belonged to me by opening it with my key. If I had not been able to do this, the person surely would have continued walking and whilst out of sight, notified the police. I thought this was excellent, because people really do notice if something may not be right or if someone is trying to gain access to a property. 

So where does locksmithing come into all this? Well for one, Burglars will look for the easiest option… which in most cases involves bypassing the lock(s). Which if they are installed poorly, are a poor brand of lock i.e easily pickable, are not going to be a problem for a burglar who knows what they are doing. So, a combination of correctly installed locks which meet a good standard of security (preferably british standard) which have been installed correctly is the key. There is a reason why generally insurance companies recommend a cylinder lock (top one) and a mortice lock (generally bottom lock) to work together, it’s because this has been proven to provide the best level of security for general home/ business owners.

Of course, for those who would like an extra level of security, there’s a wide range of higher security lock alternatives, which work very much the same way as all your standard locks but have additional features which resist attack.

Either way, take care of your locks, and they will take care of you. 

Being a Locksmith

locks and keys locksmith

I was on the bus home the other day, and this gentlemen was sat in front of me with who appeared to be his young son. He started talking to his son about locks and how they work. He said something along the lines of “yeah well you know how locks work, when you put the key in, the key has grooves on the top and it lifts the pins to a certain height, and that allows the plug to turn.” I overheard this and thought to myself – this guy actually knows a thing or two about locks. I asked him “are you a locksmith?” and he replied “no I just know how locks work.” I was still quite interested though, it seems that most of us use locks in our everyday lives, and they are so integral to safeguarding our property, and yet we simply insert the key, turn the lock and that is it. We do not feel the need to learn about what is actually occurring in the lock, we feel satisfied just knowing that the lock turns and the door opens. Locks are actually beautiful little things, stooped in tradition and function and they are really quite clever actually. Take a minute to appreciate your locks.

Locksmith prices: A basic guide

locksmith prices


Most locksmiths have good levels of integrity, and want the best for you. However I wrote this small UK guide to ensure that you the client, choose the right locksmith, avoid the pitfalls and simply get the best service and rate for yourself.

How much will it cost if i’m locked out?

-If the front door has been slammed shut with the keys inside, for most locksmiths during the day a standard rate is £59 – £69 depending on what is needed. Out of hours, this may rise to around £75-£95 depending on the locksmith company.

-If a key has been snapped off in the lock, or there is a mechanism malfunction – The locksmith may charge around £65-£95 during the day depending on what is required and slightly more at night.

-If you have lost your keys and are locked out (the bottom mortice lock is also on), expect to pay more for this type of job. Anywhere in the region of £100 – £180 with or without a replacement lock if needed would be the norm.

 -If an internal door mortice lock needs unlocking (one with a handle and lock), the locksmith may charge around £59-79 depending on the time of day.

 How much will it cost to have a lock replaced or fitted?

 To replace a standard front door top lock, (usually round) and known as a rim cylinder – during the day most locksmiths will charge around £59-£79 including the lock

-For a front door mortice lock replacement (usually bottom lock, with longer key) around £69-£109 including the lock, depending on the type and security levels of the lock(s) required.

-A plastic or UPVC door lock (also known as a euro cylinder) replacement and fitting, will be around £59-£79 for most locksmiths

Internal door lock replacements such as a bedroom mortice lock for instance – Most locksmiths may charge anywhere from £59-£79 for this job.

A fresh fit lock, which means a lock to be installed from fresh (i.e no lock already installed in the door) will cost more, as these types of jobs can take a while longer than a standard lock replacement, a rim cylinder and night latch installation could cost around £65-105 and a front door mortice lock fresh fit installation could be around £90-140 depending on the lock required.

Please note that these prices are not set in stone, these prices are only intended to be as a guide and will likely change slightly with time.