A shady topic – Burglars and thieves


burglary and theft

There have been multiple sightings of potential burglars in my garden, i’m sure anyone reading will have had a similar experience at some point or may even have felt the effects of being burgled. Having previously worked in a public services field where I came into contact with many who had committed burglaries, it is known that burglars will generally do their homework before targeting a property, looking at potential points of entry, how many cars there are in the driveway and for hints of when the property owners will be out. Burglars will be aware of security deterrents such as a reputable security alarm or security windows. 

The key point though is that Burglars generally want to be in and out of a property as fast as possible…which if your home/business security measures are good, will mean that the burglar will have no choice but to cause a lot of noise in the process, hence alerting neighbours etc – this is generally game over for the burglar. Not only will the noise caused be an issue, but good security measures are going to take time to get through if at all – Burglars hate hanging around. 

I remember on one occasion, back when I was perfecting my lock picking technique, I was picking a lock on my front door out of pure curiosity and a passer by actually heard the noise of the picking and asked me if everything was alright. I responded in a manner which let the person know that the door belonged to me by opening it with my key. If I had not been able to do this, the person surely would have continued walking and whilst out of sight, notified the police. I thought this was excellent, because people really do notice if something may not be right or if someone is trying to gain access to a property. 

So where does locksmithing come into all this? Well for one, Burglars will look for the easiest option… which in most cases involves bypassing the lock(s). Which if they are installed poorly, are a poor brand of lock i.e easily pickable, are not going to be a problem for a burglar who knows what they are doing. So, a combination of correctly installed locks which meet a good standard of security (preferably british standard) which have been installed correctly is the key. There is a reason why generally insurance companies recommend a cylinder lock (top one) and a mortice lock (generally bottom lock) to work together, it’s because this has been proven to provide the best level of security for general home/ business owners.

Of course, for those who would like an extra level of security, there’s a wide range of higher security lock alternatives, which work very much the same way as all your standard locks but have additional features which resist attack.

Either way, take care of your locks, and they will take care of you. 

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