Being a Locksmith

locks and keys locksmith

I was on the bus home the other day, and this gentlemen was sat in front of me with who appeared to be his young son. He started talking to his son about locks and how they work. He said something along the lines of “yeah well you know how locks work, when you put the key in, the key has grooves on the top and it lifts the pins to a certain height, and that allows the plug to turn.” I overheard this and thought to myself – this guy actually knows a thing or two about locks. I asked him “are you a locksmith?” and he replied “no I just know how locks work.” I was still quite interested though, it seems that most of us use locks in our everyday lives, and they are so integral to safeguarding our property, and yet we simply insert the key, turn the lock and that is it. We do not feel the need to learn about what is actually occurring in the lock, we feel satisfied just knowing that the lock turns and the door opens. Locks are actually beautiful little things, stooped in tradition and function and they are really quite clever actually. Take a minute to appreciate your locks.

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